CoriRoth_Porch_web_brighterThe wholistic approach of my Dr. Hauschka facials practice employs a range of therapeutic modalities.  These include aromatherapy, rhythmic massage, lymph stimulation and high vibrational pure botanical preparations. The skin and whole person will be transformed to their natural state of balance with restorative and harmonizing results.

Cori’s Training

My personal navigation through cancer in 2003 led me to recognize the need for nurturing and gentle touch as an integral part of the process of healing for those suffering from debilitating illness. My search for a way to employ those ideas was revealed during a serendipitous visit to the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2006.

I underwent training in Esthiology at the Aveda Institute in May 2007 and obtained my NC state license in November 2007 after completing 600 hours of coursework and clinical application in the spa.

I enhanced my training with a more wholistic approach by attending the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Institute in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

After completing Part I of the training in April 2008, and Part II in July 2008, I received my Dr. Hauschka esthetician certification and then went on to start my practice here in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

ProductCloseUpThe Products

The Dr. Hauschka line of products I use in my work are organic and biodynamic preparations which consist of pure botanical ingredients produced using sustainable, ecologically sound, and socially responsible farming practices. I am a certified Dr. Hauschka Retailer, so you may purchase the products you’ll need to continue your skin care routine at home during your facial appointment. We’ll make arrangements for future purchases when we see each other.

The Treatments

My treatments include cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing masks. The heart of  my facial protocol, lymph stimulation, employs the use of my hands and goat hair brushes. I apply gentle, fluid and rhythmic strokes over the face and neck regions. This application is used cosmetically, not medically to boost the immune system, stimulate inner systemic cleansing and promotes a better nightʼs sleep.

Upon completion of the facial treatment the client will be better educated on the importance of proper home skin care and nutrition. It is my intention that clients will gain greater confidence in the internal and external “self-beauty” that awaits expression.


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