“I never thought I’d be the kind of person to get a facial. I’m not sure why—maybe I didn’t feel wealthy enough, or pretty enough, or I just didn’t understand what they are all about. But after my first experience with Cori, I know I’m the kind of person who needs to get a facial every now and then! Cori is so gentle and inviting. I felt so welcomed in her space and was really able to relax into the treatment. Previous to my first facial, I never took care of my skin/face. Now I use a cleanser regularly and even moisturize—it’s part of my “self-care” routine and helps me remember how important my “face to the world” really is! I’m grateful for Cori’s healing services and highly recommend her to all of my friends and family.” ~Amy Eller


“Visiting Cori for a facial was a personal spa adventure! As I followed to the end of a winding country road, I found myself in front of her home. It is a wooded scene that immediately set an organic natural environmental tone. I could breathe more deeply and I felt better already!

Cori greeted me with a warm smile and I immediately felt calm in her presence. Once she kindly guided me inside, her home embraced me with rich color and comfort. I admired what an amazing sanctuary she had created! My senses awakened in a most delightful way.

Her facial treatment room was relaxing with pleasing sounds and scents specific to my needs. Her careful and loving touch was clearly imbued with healing, affirming intention. Cori lead me through quite a magical experience. It wasn’t just a facial- it was a journey back to my beautiful self. As I felt this loving connection inside myself, the rest of my world outside became a more beautiful place too.

After a session with Cori I feel and look like more of my inner light can shine through my radiant face!
I highly recommend it!” ~ Edie Stuber

“Cori’s facials are the stuff of dreams… delicious and delirious, fantastic and filling… feeding my very soul! When I awake I have no notion of where I’ve been, only that I am infinitely more awake, my senses having slumbered near fragrant roses, lavender and sage… a rich feast.” ~ D. Snover

“A facial with Cori Roth is an undeniable indulgence. She is a creative and spiritual person which manifests in the facial treatments. Whether you enjoy this as a “self-treat” or on a regular basis, this is a delicacy you should not deny yourself.” ~ B Veronesi

“These are no ordinary facials – they are gentle, spiritual and nourishing. Cori brings a reverence to her work in which one feels nurtured and attended to – she creates the space for us to escape from the fast-pace of our hurried
lives and truly receive the experience as a gift.”
~ Catherine B.

“One of the most nurturing, sensual experiences I have had in my life. Her work and the atmosphere she creates is deeply relaxing.” ~ J. Parker

“A Divine Rose facial treatment with Cori Roth is one of the very best gifts you could give yourself or someone you love. Her sensitivity, attention to detail, and skillfulness all work together to provide a deeply restorative and transformative experience. Many stars and thumbs up!!!” ~ Lynne Jaffe

“My facial treatment with Cori was the best I’ve experienced! Not only does she do a wonderful job with your skin, she also has a way of bringing harmony to one’s soul. I left feeling completely cleansed inside and out. I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my skin and emotional well being. Thank you Cori.” ~ Suzanne Hamilton

“Cori has a rare gift, and the benefits of her healing work can be read on the face for days afterward. All her choices are very carefully made, from her technique to the product she uses. I look and feel more alive, bright, calm, and glowing after a treatment.” ~ Claire Elizabeth Hartmann


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